Indian Cave Trail

Important Note

This trail is not numbered and no longer exists on many modern maps, but can be found on some older USGS topographic maps. The name "Indian Cave Trail" is unofficial. Some references simply refer to this as the eastern fork of the Indian Creek Trail.

Length: 0.16 mi

Difficulty: moderate

Condition: bad

Elevation range: 6355 ft – 6400 ft

Elevation gain/loss: 45 ft ↑

Average slope: 5.3%


This trail forks off the Indian Creek Trail 3 miles north of its southern terminus.

Trail Description

This short spur trail forks off the Indian Creek Trail heading north in the direction of a large rock cliff. The trail closely follows and occasionally crosses a small creek as it passes beneath the blackened stumps of trees killed in the Horseshoe 2 fire of 2011. A large rock shelter cave lies at the end of the trail.

Last updated November 8, 2014.