Bear Spring Trail

Length: 436 ft

Difficulty: moderate

Condition: moderate

Elevation range: 8955 ft – 9050 ft

Elevation gain/loss: 90 ft ↓

Average slope: 20.6%

Trail Description

This short, steep trail (it's a contender for the steepest trail in the Chiricahuas) heads due west from a switchback along the top end of the Monte Vista Trail. (31.82356, -109.31638) After 90 feet, you may be able to see to the north the steeper path (31.82357, -109.31666) that fire lookouts use to access the spring from the tower atop Monte Vista Peak. Another 130 feet west and the Bear Spring Trail switchbacks to the south-southeast, then again the same distance after. The spring lies 85 feet northwest. (31.82340, -109.31715) The bottom of the concrete springbox has broken off, leaving a "floating" wall which the water passes through and flows down the hillside. It is possible to place a container down to collect water.


Topographic map of Bear Spring Trail

Last updated May 3, 2017.