Hiking the Chiricahua Mountains

The Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona form one of the largest freestanding mountain ranges in the state and offer a rich assortment of hiking opportunities, with hundreds of miles of official trails. Up-to-date information on these trails and their status is fairly limited, however, and this guide is intended to fill that void by providing resources for anyone interested in hiking the area.


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Following the Horseshoe 2 fire of 2011, trail conditions continue to be highly variable across the range and can change rapidly. Standing dead trees are beginning to fall at a faster rate, and while trails do get cleared as possible, deadfall can build up across trails between maintenance trips. Remember that any listed condition of a trail is as of the last report or personal inspection, always prepare for the unexpected, and use multiple resources to plan any hikes.

At this time, descriptions for all trails on the site should be considered in a draft stage and may not be fully detailed or may contain errors. Please feel free to report any inaccuracies or out of date information you may notice.

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