Cathedral Vista Trail

Length: 0.17 mi

Difficulty: easy

Condition: good

Elevation range: 5060 ft – 5115 ft

Elevation gain/loss: 55 ft ↑

Average slope: 6.1%


The Cathedral Vista Trail is accessed from a turnoff along Forest Road 42 in Cave Creek Canyon. The turnoff lies on the east side of the road, roughly between the Stewart and Sunny Flat Campgrounds, and is marked with a sign stating "Vista Point".

Trail Description

The Cathedral Vista Trail serves as a very short route to a viewpoint on a small ridge with a view of the rhyolite cliffs of Cave Creek Canyon, including the eponymous Cathedral Rock to the northeast. The trail departs the turnoff at a point indicated by a sign on the east side. (31.88512, -109.17338) After 600 feet, it drops into a wash, then climbs back up onto a ridge, where it angles sharply to the left and ends at Cathedral Vista Point. (31.88651, -109.17199) A bench and telescope are provided at this location.


Topographic map of Cathedral Vista Trail

Last updated May 2, 2017.