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Erickson Peak Trail

Important Note

This is an unofficial trail name. There is no known official name for this route, but it does appear on at least one trail map of the Chiricahuas.1

Length: ~0.5 mi

Difficulty: expert

Condition: terrible


The Erickson Peak Trail is accessible via the west edge of Dobson Saddle, the highest point on the Price Shake Trail out of Price Canyon. This trail begins between two rock piles. (31.75796, -109.28107)

Trail Description

From Dobson Saddle, the trail heads west between two rock piles and disappears almost immediately. Continuing west for nearly 100 feet, a metal signpost with no sign can be found. (31.75799, -109.28124) 50 feet beyond, the trail swings to the west-southwest and 100 feet after that, a rock cairn marks the route (31.75791, -109.28176) as it swings right to the northwest. There are some cut branches visible on trees 50 feet after the cairn (31.75795, -109.28192) and the trail likely continues roughly north from here for a short distance, heading for a saddle to the northwest. (31.75835, -109.28242) From the saddle, there is little trace of the original trail route except in very occasional places, but it is possible to reach Erickson Peak cross-country from here.


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Last updated April 10, 2013.