Long Park Connector Trail

Important Note

This is an unofficial name.

Current Trail Conditions

As this is an abandoned roadbed and not an official part of the Forest Service trail system, it receives no maintenance. The tread is quite good and easy to follow, but expect to be stepping over numerous downed trees.

Length: 0.37 mi

Difficulty: moderate

Condition: bad

Elevation range: 9000 ft – 9055 ft

Elevation gain/loss: 55 ft ↑ / 20 ft ↓

Average slope: 1.8%


The Long Park Connector Trail can be accessed from two locations.

The western terminus is along the Crest Trail, 0.18 mile south of Bootlegger Saddle. (31.89001, -109.28399) There is no sign here, and you must look carefully to spot the cut of the old roadbed. The junction is about 30 feet north of a sharp bend to the west.

The eastern terminus is near the southern edge of Long Park, along the Long Park Road (FR 42D), directly opposite the Long Park sign there. (31.88714, -109.27934) This end can be somewhat easier to spot at times.

Trail Description

From the Crest Trail, the old roadbed heads nearly due east. This is not a maintained trail, and there are logs down across it in multiple spots, but they are generally fairly easy to cross and not a major impediment. The old road remains very visible its entire length, as it gradually curves to the southeast and heads to Long Park. This route can be used to make a shorter loop back to Rustler Park rather than dropping all the way south to Fly Saddle and returning along the Long Park Trail.


Topographic map of Long Park Connector Trail

Last updated May 2, 2017.