This trail has only been partially surveyed at this time. Length and other trail data may be incorrect or missing. Please consult other resources before planning any trips based on this page.

Witch Ridge Trail #260

Current Trail Conditions

This trail has not been surveyed for some time, but reports are of extensive deadfall in places.

Length: ~12.42 mi

Difficulty: moderate

Condition: bad


The Witch Ridge Trail is accessible from many locations, not all of which have been surveyed at this time.

The higher elevation southeastern terminus is at Rattle Rock Saddle, which the Rattlesnake Trail passes over the top of. This junction is marked with a sign, but it is currently not installed and is lying on the ground alongside its posts. (31.90077, -109.31588) The Bootlegger Trail also connects into the Rattlesnake Trail 350 feet northeast of Rattle Rock Saddle. (31.90120, -109.31502)

The Hoovey Canyon Trail connects in from the north from Pine Canyon Road (FR 357) at a signed junction in a saddle west of the top end of Hoovey Canyon. (31.90835, -109.33520)

The Fitch Corral Trail climbs up from its namesake to the south along the Rock Creek Trail and Turkey Pen Trail to a signed junction at another saddle 0.14 mile northwest of the Hoovey junction. (31.90933, -109.33718)

The Green Canyon Trail connects in from the north, also from Pine Canyon Road (FR 357) at an unsigned junction marked by a large rock cairn. (31.91264, -109.35260)

The Fife Canyon Trail crosses over heading north and south at Fife Saddle.

Trail Description

Rattle Rock Saddle to Hoovey Canyon Trail

Climbing briefly as it heads northwest out of the heavily burned Rattle Rock Saddle, the Witch Ridge Trail contours along the south side of the eponymous ridge. The trail passes through a small stand of pines after 0.17 miles, (31.90157, -109.31823) but the rest of the surrounding area is quite barren. After an additional ⅓ mile contouring below the ridge, the trail crosses a saddle and, 300 feet beyond, drops down to cross a drainage. (31.90492, -109.32306)

Now on the other side of a small canyon, the trail makes a 90° bend to the left after 380 feet and, now heading southwest, passes through the most eroded portion of this segment as it gradually climbs—with several short steep and slippery spots—to another saddle nearly ⅕ mile beyond. (31.90319, -109.32584) Several rock outcrops lie to the side of the trail at this saddle, and the trail begins to drop through several small bends. It briefly grows faint here, but picks right back up as it swings around to the west again on the north slope of Witch Ridge and begins to contour along the top end of beautiful (and largely unburned) Hoovey Canyon. The remaining ¾ mile to the Hoovey Canyon Trail junction is well defined as it passes through unburned stands of pine, but there are several steep downhill spots where it can be possible to slip if not careful.

A short gradual uphill stretch marks the approach of another saddle and the aforementioned junction. (31.90835, -109.33520) Two signs, and the remnants of an old one, make this easy to spot. The Hoovey Canyon Trail connects in from the northeast and is very visible, while the Witch Ridge Trail continues to the northwest, sometimes somewhat hidden in tall grass.

Hoovey Canyon Trail to Fitch Corral Trail

This short segment is in comparatively worse condition than the former, with several stretches obscured by grass and the trail's tread narrower and rougher. It heads northwest out of the junction and stays relatively level along the southern slope of an unnamed hill before dropping down to a saddle. (31.90932, -109.33718) The Fitch Corral Trail connects in from the south and the Witch Ridge Trail continues to the northwest, dropping down into West Hoovey Canyon. This junction is marked by a new sign.

Fitch Corral Trail to Green Canyon Trail

Heading northwest out of the junction, the Witch Ridge Trail descends into a small, unburned pine-filled canyon. After about 550 feet, it crosses the drainage bottom (31.91024, -109.33857) and swings west and re-enters a largely burned area, running parallel with but above the creekbed for about 450 feet before swinging northwest and climbing over the next 0.28 mile to a saddle, (31.91206, -109.34316) with several very steep sections and three short switchbacks along the way.

Another trio of switchbacks follow as it drops down the other side of the saddle for 0.14 mile before crossing another creekbed and following it first west on the northern bank for 0.28 mile, then swinging northwest for another 0.29 mile. Finally, it swings west and drops down to cross the creek at the head of Green Canyon. The Green Canyon Trail junction is 50 feet west-southwest of the creek crossing. (31.91264, -109.35260) There is no sign marking this junction, but it does have a large rock pile where that trail heads north. The Witch Ridge Trail continues southwest.

Green Canyon Trail to Fife Canyon Trail

This segment has not been completed at this time.

Fife Canyon Trail to Western Terminus

This segment has not been completed at this time.

Last updated April 3, 2018.